Courtney Love the Rottweiler loves Warren

by Carol (nana)
(New Zealand)

Courtney and Corbin

Courtney and Corbin

Courtney is a seven year old Rottweiller cross albeit mainly black.She looked after her friend Tessa the cat when she had kittens and helped clean them and tried to feed them. Then, when Tessa died and one of her babies named Mouse had her kittens she helped clean them too and looked after both mother and babies. She is a lovable girl and just loves giving cuddles. Courtney was one of eight puppies and the only one to have survived parvo virus.She herself had twelve pups. Courtney and Kurt are very close and look after each other. Here she is with my 10 year old Grandson Corbin.(Courtney is really Corby's dog but she and Kurt live with us)

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