Designer Dog Collars Don't Have to Break the Bank

I wouldn’t have believed it a few years ago but designer dog collars have taken the country by storm.

Gucci, Coach and other high end retailers have been creating dog collars that are functional and stylish and some pets are putting their best paw forward with these fancy dog collars.

At it’s most basic, a dog collar is a necessity.

It attaches your pet’s ID to him which can be the most important thing if your pet gets lost.

My dog escaped one New Year’s Eve scared of the fireworks and our cell phones were ringing before we even knew he was gone --all because he was wearing up to date doggie I.D.

Collars Show Personality!

But dog collars are also a way to show your pet's personality (or your own). From nylon to leather to diamond studded the array of collars available ranges widely and I’m sure you’ve explored a lot of the options.

I know many people whose dog has a whole wardrobe of collars. Maybe you’re one of them?

Coach Dog Collar

If you’re leaning toward a designer collar you’re probably wanting a gorgeous fashion statement that says you and your pet are trendsetters.

Or maybe you just want that delicious lime green leather collar with the Coach charm;)

Besides making a fashion statement, probably the best thing about designer dog collars is there’s a wider selection of sizing available.

Before there were so many choices (and couture) it could be difficult to outfit your small dog or very large dog.

But now there’s such a selection of custom made dog collars and wider variety in the off the rack version of collar that your pet is assured the right size collar for him or her.

How Do You Choose the Right Size Dog Collar?

The first time I faced the rack of collars at my local pet store I had no idea where to start. Baggins was my first dog. Luckily he was with me and I could try some on him.

But if you want to order a collar online or just know your pet’s size, it’s really easy.

measure for dog collar

Measure your pet’s neck.

Collars come in a range of inches so by measuring Lucy’s neck you’ll know which size is best for her. Then, when you put it on, you want to make sure you can put two fingers between her neck and the collar. Too tight and you choke her, too loose and she can lose it.

While the really high end designer dog collars like Gucci are out of reach for most of us, there are lots of lower priced collars available that are handcrafted with love and attention to detail.

So what are you waiting for? Explore designer dog collars now for your pet!