deskunking my dog

by Jacquie

I have to tell that my wheaten Terrier has gotten skunked at least 4 times now. I have tried all of the natural remedies.....they just do not work! Tomato juice was the worst. He got skunked at 6:00 am one morning while we were camping. We went to the corner gas station to buy tomato juice. It was Sunday and we were quite far from any town. All I ended up with was a very pink smelly dog. The soap and peroxide does not work either. My solution is buy a bottle of Skunk out from the Vet! I swear by this stuff. The directions say to saturate the sprayed area. I could not really do that as my dog always get sprayed on his entire body. I just put the Skunk out in a spray bottle and spray him all over. It works like a charm and the results are imediate.

Jacquie in Canada

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