Deskunking Your Dog

If your dog has ever met a skunk you may have experienced something similar and wondered about ways for deskunking your dog.

skunks and dogs A few years ago Baggins got “skunked”.

He cried and whimpered and I did what any sensible doggie mom would do, I took him inside, put him in the bathtub and started flushing his eyes with water where he’d taken most of the “skunking”.

That seemed to help him feel better but I was faced with the reality of the stench.

What to do? I’d always heard the old tomato juice remedy but wasn’t convinced of it’s effectiveness, plus I didn’t have any and it was 11:00 at night in a tiny upstate NY town.

I thought I’d also heard of vinegar but a quick search of my cupboards only turned up balsamic vinegar.

Hmm, I didn’t think that would do the trick either.

I Tried Deskunking My Dog with Citrus

I did find half a lemon and some of that fake lemon juice in the bottle. I squeezed the lemon and emptied the fake lemon juice on him and rubbed the citrus in with shampoo lather. I rinsed and repeated the shampooing.

I really hoped this would deskunk my dog!

After a thorough bath, the stench wasn’t quite as palpable on him but of course the entire house was filled with eau d’skunk (sorry roomies):( That took a day or so to air out.

Once Baggins’ fur dried and the house recovered, the smell primarily lingered on him when he got wet for the next couple of months. But overall, it was ok.

But, the great debate remains, what is a neutralizer of skunk smell and what's the most effective deskunking your dog remedy?

Funny enough, this question came up on Twitter and the top responses were:

  • Dawn dish soap

  • Vinegar

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Here’s the breakdown:

    The folks at Canine Hope Rescue in Johnson City, TN suggest bathing your smelly, yipping pooch in Dawn dish soap, rinse and put a ½ & ½ mixture of vinegar and water on your pet. I’m no scientist but it seems to be something in the vinegar that acts as a neutralizer.

    Baker’s Dog a dog bakery in Myrtle Beach chimed in with this solution: ½ c. hydrogen peroxide, ¼ c. baking soda and enough dawn to make a “gravy”. Then wash the pooch.

    My question is, what’s with the Dawn dish soap? Why not Ivory or some other brand?

    And what about the tomato juice?

    Well, I found some who claim the acid in the tomatoes reacts with the smell to do the job but an acquaintance who tried it with an American Eskimo says you just get a smelly, pink dog. Have you tried this remedy?

    So there you are: suggestions for deskunking your dog

    Do you have a great deskunking remedy to share?

    What's Your Experience with Deskunking Your Dog?

    Do you have experience with this? Share it!

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    Frank gets skunked! Not rated yet
    Frank (dog) got skunked last night at around midnight which wasn't fun for anyone.

    We googled deskunking dog and didn't have any hydrogen peroxide so …

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