The Plague of Dog Allergies Can Cause Dry, Itchy Skin and Make Your Dog Miserable.

Luckily, Your Dog Has YOU and You Can Do Something About It!

This page about dog allergies focuses on using oatmeal to relieve your dog’s itchy skin.

irritated skin from dog allergies

Constantly Irritated Skin is a Common Symptom of a Dog Allergy:

  • Dry, itchy skin –Does your dog scratch constantly? Or can you see the flaky skin? These are both indicators that your dog’s skin needs some attention.

  • Heavy shedding or just shedding in one area—Does your dog sport a bald spot? Or more than one?

  • Dull, dry coat—a healthy dog has a shiny, lustrous coat. It feels smooth to the touch. If your dog’s fur looks duller than last week’s dishwater, it’s time to address the situation.

  • Here’s what you can do about it.

    Use a Oatmeal when you bathe your dog.

    Oatmeal soothes the skin because it’s full of a complex carbohydrate called polysaccharides. When these polysaccharides mix with water they form a gel that nourishes the skin.

    This gel moisturizes your dog’s skin and protects it from drying out.

    Oatmeal has healthy fats to which help repair skin damage. You can make an oatmeal paste for problem skin areas too.

    Important! Do this before you get your dog in the tub (!):
    Mix up oatmeal and water in a bowl until it’s thick and a spoon will stand up in it.

    Then, bathe your dog and apply the oatmeal paste to the problem areas.

    Let it sit a few minutes if possible. This may require you to bring dog treats into the bath and feed them while you pet and talk to your dog in a soothing voice.

    Wash the oatmeal paste off and dry your dog.

    You can also do the oatmeal paste without the full bath.

    Just apply it to the problem spots and occupy your dog so he doesn’t lick it all off. (or run around the house spreading oatmeal everywhere!)

    Don’t “overbathe” once or twice a month is enough for most dogs.

    I used to bathe Baggins weekly until I realized that gave him itchy skin! Turns out: I was drying him out with all that water!

    Bonus: Add healthy omega 3 fatty acids to your dog’s food every day. This doggie supplement will add those essential fatty acids, plus boost your dog’s immune system to protect his health. That can save you big money at the vet!

    Skin problems are a typical symptom of dog allergies. If you want to know more about the different types of dog allergies, please go here.