Do Dog Allergies Have Your Dog Constantly Scratching and Chewing?
Poor Thing, Here's What You Can Do to Help

Dog allergies can have many symptoms but constantly irritated skin is a big one.

hot spots can be from dog allergies

This page focuses on using chamomile to treat your dog’s irritated skin.

Itchy, Inflamed Skin Is No Fun For Your Dog.

  • Dry, itchy skin –Does your dog scratch constantly and you’ve ruled out fleas? Or can you see the flaky skin? These are both indicators that your dog’s skin needs some attention.

  • Heavy shedding or just shedding in one area—Does your dog sport a bald spot or two?

  • Dull, dry coat—a healthy dog has a shiny, lustrous coat. It feels smooth to the touch. If your dog’s fur looks dull and lifeless, it’s time to add some nutrients.

  • Sometimes, just building your dog’s immune system will kick those nasty dog allergies to the curb!

    Meanwhile, here’s what you can do today to help your pet feel better:

    1) Get some chamomile tea bags.

    2) Boil water for tea. If you have a large dog, you might want to use a stock pot.

    3) When water boils, put in some tea bags.

    You’ll have to use your judgment as to the number of tea bags you’ll need. If you have a Yorkie, 2-3 bags might do it. But if you have a Great Dane, you might need a whole box.

    4) When the water boils, put the tea bags in and let it cool. You’ll have to plan ahead because this will probably take awhile.

    5)Check the tea, is it cool enough to put your finger or hand in it comfortably? You’re going to pour this over your dog so you don’t want to burn her.

    6) Get the bath ready for your dog. Take the chamomile rinse with you to the bath area. Save the tea bags, you’ll use them again.

    7) Use an oatmeal or chamomile shampoo on your pooch. Both of these have healing properties for irritated skin. After you’ve finished with the bath, rinse with the cooled chamomile rinse.

    Does Your Dog Have Specific Irritated Areas?

    If dog allergies have given your dog red sores or bald patches--pay special attention to those areas with the rinse.

    After your dog has dried a little from the bath, take the used tea bags and put them on these areas and either hold them there for a few minutes or use an Ace bandage to secure them.

    The more treatment you can give the area, the better.

    Used for 1000’s of years as a treatment for irritated, inflamed skin, chamomile can soothe your dog’s skin.

    Sometimes a change of food will clear up the allergy symptoms because you've gotten rid of the culprit.

    Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones shares dog food recipes in this special report. Just fill in the boxes and it’ll be on its way to you.

    Your dog could be feeling better in just a few days…

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    Skin problems are a typical symptom of dog allergies. If you want to know more about the different types of dog allergies, click here.