Local Honey Can Treat Dog Allergies

You might help your dog to fight dog allergies by feeding local honey.

Honey has a long history of medicinal qualities.

Doctors of Ancient Greece, Assyria, China and Rome all prescribed honey for health and long life as well as for all kinds of illnesses like colds, ulcers, and allergies.

Honey for dogs isn't a new fad.

Juliette de Bairacli Levy, author of The Complete Handbook for the Dog and Cat has recommended it for 60 years.

How Does It Work?

Local honey has minute amounts of pollen.

Low enough for your body to ingest it without a negative reaction.

As your body builds up its tolerance to the pollen, it can be exposed to more without reacting—such as in spring or fall when plants and trees are blooming.

By the way, this works for dogs too!

Many people offer their dogs a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey once or twice a day (depending on size of your pet).

Dogs love the taste and may eat it right off the spoon, or you can mix it into their food.

It’ll take a couple of weeks to notice any changes.

Be sure you use raw honey from a local source.

Honey from New Zealand isn't going to help your pet who lives in South Carolina. (You can find it at farmer’s markets if not your local supermarket).

Honey is high in antioxidants too. The darker the honey, the higher the antioxidants. So, it protects against cancer.

Other uses for honey?

Try it as a burn treatment. It’s high sugar content makes it an excellent infection fighter and it heals wounds quickly.

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