Are You at the End of Your Rope with
Dog Barking?

Starting Today, Top Dog Trainer Will Show You How You Can Re Train Your Dog So You Can Get The Peace and Quiet You Deserve

Dear Dog Lover,

In 1997, 8 pounds of fluffy, white puppy cuddled up to me and tucked his head into my neck.

He had the biggest, blackest eyes I’d ever seen.

I knew absolutely nothing about caring for a puppy but he’d stolen my heart.

Headed Home

The only sounds he made on the 8 hour car ride from the Atlanta suburbs to New Orleans were a couple of whimpers when I lifted him off my lap and onto the seat next to me.

He promptly climbed right back into my lap.

But that first night, he demonstrated his vocal range.

Let’s just say, you would have thought it’d take the whole litter to make such shrill howls.

I had the same type of crate the breeder had instructed me to get—just a smaller version of the one he’d lived in with his littermates—but without his brothers and sisters he wasn’t having it.

He barked, he howled and he screamed.

I put up with it for exactly 10 minutes—maybe—and then took him out.

After all, this was a narrow, wooden framed house in a dense neighborhood.

I couldn’t have my new puppy taking the roof off with his shrieks and having the neighbors call the police on me for animal torture.

Once freed, he curled up beside me in bed and drifted into a peaceful sleep.

After that incident, he used his vocal cords whenever possible.

  • Did I come inside the house after a long absence of 25 minutes?

  • Was there someone at the door?

  • Was he hearing things?

  • Baggins didn’t seem to need a reason to bark—at least not from my perspective. He just did.

    Does This Sound Familiar?

    I knew he was an American Eskimo and they were known as “first alarmers”.

    I consoled myself with “there’s nothing I can do about it” and learned to live with it.

    It was stressful though.

    First it was stressful because I didn’t want the neighbors to complain to my landlord.

    Then it was stressful because I had a headache and was tired and he was carrying on about nothing so it seemed.

    Over the next months I taught the little guy how to sit and how to walk on a leash but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what to do about his barking. None of the articles or books I’d read seemed to work.

    If you love a barker but you don’t love the noise, you’re not alone.

    In fact studies from Johns Hopkins University find that exposure to a repeated intrusive noise like dog barking raises your blood pressure and can interfere with healing and emotional well being.

    Not only that, but your barking dog can stress your neighbors too.

    One study showed over 50% of neighborhood noise complaints are about barking dogs.

    Do you recognize this scenario?

    Your dog barks at passersby through the window or the fence. If you’re home, you probably say “Quiet”, “No” or otherwise ask your dog not to bark. But that seems to only increase the dog barking, right?

    I understand.

    Believe me, I know what it's like, the annoyance, the embarrassment, the fear your neighbors will complain to the landlord or the township.

    I’ve been there. My former roommate dubbed Baggins “Sir Barks a Lot”.

    I made all the classic mistakes in trying to get him to be quiet.

    I tried petting him, putting him in another room, teaching him “quiet” and even resorting to fussing at him on occasion, nothing seemed to work to stop his barking.

    Now, I know I was playing right into his furry little paws. ;)

    See, dogs don’t speak a verbal language. But they can learn certain commands.

    And there’s a method to dog training and unless you know the secrets, you could be doing everything all wrong.

    And I do mean everything.

    That's where dog expert Kirsten Frisch comes in.

    Kirsten Frisch The Dog Coach Kirsten specializes in helping people like us understand the inner workings of a dog’s mind.

    And she can show you what to do to make dog barking a distant memory. Here she is with her dog Larry.

    Dog Expert Kirsten Frisch Will Explain The Inner Workings of Your Dog’s Mind and Why He or She Insists on Barking

    See, your dog likes to bark.

    There’s some payoff for them and they’re going to do it until there’s a bigger payoff doing something else.

    Kirsten taught me that there are 3 main reasons why dogs bark.
    • To alert you to a change in the environment
    • Because they’re lonely
    • To get attention

    Which one is your dog? And better yet, what can you do about dog barking?

    Imagine What Life Would Be Like With
    No Barking

    Would you:

  • Breathe deeply and easily because your dog is no longer running up and down the fence line barking at people

  • No longer worry that your dog will bark like a maniac when friends and family stop by

  • Enjoy calm walks with your dog instead of trying to control him from barking at other dogs, skateboarders, bicyclists, joggers and squirrels

  • Stop feeling like you should avoid your neighbors because they have to live with your noisy dog

  • Plus, you’ll:

  • Enjoy having a dog who’s calm and happy

  • Feel proud of your dog because he’s relaxing quietly by your side

  • Lower your blood pressure without medications because your home is quieter and free of stressful noise

  • Enjoy coming home to your dog without worrying if he’ll wake your kids and rile up the household

  • Kirsten is a dog training expert and she can help guide you through the doggie brain.

    Think of her has your dog trainer “secret weapon”, who lets you in on the canine secrets that can lead your dog to think being quiet is more fun than barking his head off.

    It’s simple really, you just have to figure out how to get him to do what you want. And, have your dog want the same thing. ;)

    Make sense?

    The problem is to often, we're doing exactly the opposite of what will calm our dog. Instead, we're actually making the problem worse!

    Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dog?

  • "Asking" him/her to be quiet when she's barking
  • (Hint: This usually increases the barking! Kirsten will share why)

  • Putting your dog in another room or outside
  • If you've tried this, you know it doesn't work. So, what can you do? (You may be surprised at the answer!)

    Dog Trainer Kirsten Frisch Will Explain

    See, Certified Dog Trainer Kirsten Frisch spends her days helping people understand why their dogs do the things they do and how you can change their behavior.

    And Kirsten knows a thing or two about animals.

    She started riding horses when she was just 6 years old. She’s been a vet tech, shelter adoption counselor, dog daycare consultant, and a husky specialist over the past two decades.

    When she lived in Alaska she learned how to train dog sled teams. Can you imagine how demanding that is?

    Now, Kirsten is a Nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer who runs a successful dog training and behavior business called The Gentle Canine.

    How can she help you?

    Let’s take barking as an example.

    The Three Reasons Why Dogs Bark--
    Which One is Your Dog's Problem?

    Just because dogs bark doesn't mean they're bad...and neither are you. You just never learned the right way to train them.

    Let Kirsten show you how-even if your dogs are old and set in their ways.

    Kirsten taught me that there are 3 main reasons why dogs bark.

  • To alert you to a change in the environment

  • Because they’re lonely

  • To get attention

  • Which one is your dog?

    Does your dog bark every time someone walks by on the street? Does she bark if someone comes inside or rings the doorbell?

    Is she left alone all day to bark at passersby?

    Or is she the type to start barking when you’re on the computer, cooking dinner or watching a movie? You don’t know why she’s carrying on like a crazed animal but she is. And you don’t know what to do to stop her.

    So, what can you do about dog barking?

    Kirsten describes it as kind of like getting your spouse to think the new sofa was his idea.

    You know how if you want your spouse to see the movie you want to see or get the new couch...and have him be the one to suggest it, you might start dropping subtle hints---these pillows sure are lumpy....

    After all, the couch isn't comfortable anymore. And maybe furniture catalogs and brochures start coming in the mail....

    After all, hubby may have a brilliant idea--let's get a new sofa!

    This works with your dog too. Imagine your dog no longer barking because he doesn't want to! He found something better to do!

    Hmmm... It's definately doable. It's all based on rewarding the behavior you want while giving your dog what he wants.

    And with an expert to guide you you'll know what to do and why.

    You'll understand why your dog is doing what he's doing and you'll know what you can do to change it.

    You will be happy to have him around instead of being frustrated by his noise and worrying if he’s disturbing the neighbors.

    Sound good?

    OK, so here’s the deal.

    Kirsten and I have put together this teleconference.

    It's recorded so you can listen to it whenever you want.

    You’ll receive the 75 minute recording plus Kirsten’s Powerpoint slides so you’ll have all the content in writing too. :) You can print it out and make notes on it while you listen to the call.

    You’ll also get Kirsten’s exclusive “Why Does My Dog Bark? Worksheet” .

    This worksheet will help you see what the triggers are for your dog’s barking and what you can do about them.

    You’ll be able to make notes and track progress to make your training go quickly and easily.

    Kirsten charges $150 for a home consultation. But this call costs far less.

    At only $24.95 it’s less than the price of a movie and popcorn for two!

    “YES! I Want to Know the Secrets to Fewer Barks!"

    You’ll get the recording so you’ll be able to listen to it again and again to make sure you really understand the techniques.

    Plus, you’ll get Kirsten's Powerpoint slides with the exclusive, "Why Does My Dog Bark? Worksheet” .

    Kirsten created this worksheet just for this teleconference.

    This is exclusive content guaranteed to help you make the connection between what’s setting your dog off and what you can do about it if you put the principles in action.

    A Fantastic Bonus!

    AND, Kirsten wants to give you an ebook that will show you how to get your dog to come when called.

    The ebook is 90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall. It walks you through the steps that will have your dog coming when you call--every time you call.

    You know how important it is for your dog to come on command.

    Dogs are curious and they don’t always notice the car heading straight for them or the menacing growl from the other dog they’re so eager to greet.

    And if you’ve ever dealt with the aftermath of a "skunk incident" ugh, I know you wish your dog had listened when you called him to come back to you.

    90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall can make those days a thing of the past. Imagine, if your dog stopped barking for fun and came when you call all the time—would that make for a different relationship?

    This ebook normally sells for $14.95. That means, you’re effectively getting the teleconference the Secrets to Fewer Barks for only $10!

    If you’ve tried everything you know to get your dog to stop barking all the time and it hasn’t worked, you’ll be thrilled at the simple, yet effective, strategies Kirsten will share with you.

    She explains the 3 reasons why dogs bark.

    You’ll probably have an “aha” moment like I did.

    After all, you don't know what you're doing to encourage the barking.

    Once you do know, you can use your knowledge to intercept the triggers that cause the barking before it starts!

    Here's what one grateful dog parent had to say:

    "The call was fabulous! Kirsten was very informative and helpful. I tend to think my dog thinks and acts like a human, when I know that isn't possible, yet I treat her like one.

    Thanks Jen, also, for setting up the call. More in the future would be great!! Nancy, Scranton, Pa"

    Remember, the price of this valuable information is just $24.95.

    That's less than dinner for two at most places. I think it's worth it to have a quieter, calmer dog who's a delight to be around. Don't you?

    So, go ahead and sign up here, you'll be able to listen immediately.

    And,you'll get the Powerpoint slides Kirsten uses on the call and her exclusive "Why Does My Dog Bark?" worksheet. This worksheet will help you can pinpoint your dog’s barking “triggers” quickly and easily at it will be in your inbox in just 2 minutes (or less)!

    Plus, you'll get the 90 Days to Reliable Recall ebook so you can keep your dog safe for years to come. This ebook is a $14.95 value.

    All you have to do to get this valuable information is click the “PAYPAL” button below (no, you don’t need a paypal account—it’s just a secure way to send credit card info) then click the link "Return to Baggins' Best Biscuits" on your emailed receipt for access to the material.

    It’s that easy!

    Go through the Powerpoint.

    Listen to the call, discover the 3 main reasons for barking and follow along with your worksheet to see what triggers it in your dog. Once you know the reasons why, it’ll be easy for you to understand Kirsten’s solutions.

    The recording includes questions and answers from live participants so you’ll also be able to hear real life examples to help you with your own dog barking issues.

    “YES! I Want to Know the Secrets to Fewer Barks!"

    “YES! Sign Me Up!"

    You’ll get the bonuses immediately.

    The Powerpoint and the ebook 90 Days to a Rock Solid Recall will be in your inbox in just 2 minutes (or less)!

    You'll click the link "Return to Baggins' Best Biscuits" on your emailed receipt :)

    Go through the Powerpoint. Listen to the call, discover the 3 main reasons for barking and follow along with your worksheet to see what triggers it in your dog.

    You'll also get to hear real life examples from live participants during the question & answer period.

    “See” you on the call!

    “YES! I Want to Know the Secrets to Fewer Barks!"

    All you have to do to make sure you have this valuable information on dog barking is click this link and make your payment of $24.95 through Paypal. (You don't have to have a Paypal account)

    Then the bonuses will be emailed to you along with the instructions for the recording.

    Please keep them in a safe place. It’s your access to the call. (Just click the link "Return to Baggins' Best Biscuits" on your emailed receipt :))

    Yours in Treats and Good Health,

    Jen Phillips April

    P.S. By putting Kirsten’s methods into practice you can lower your blood pressure, calm your dog and reduce your stress.

    Kirsten charges $150 to come to your house and do a full consultation.

    With this teleconference you can get your dog barking questions answered for a fraction of that--less than the cost of 4 fast food "value" meals in fact.

  • You get the 75 minute recorded call with the live Question & Answer (a $120 value—based on Kirsten’s $150 90 minute consultation)

  • You can follow along with the Powerpoint slides You get the recorded call

  • The exclusive Why Does My Dog Bark? Worksheet” (a $6.95 value)
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  • Altogether, that’s $141.90 in value for $24.95! But hurry! Kirsten and I are thinking of raising the price soon so order now! Join us on the call and you can be enjoying a quieter dog in just a few days.

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    Important Note: When you get your confirmation receipt, just click the link that says "Return to Baggins' Best Biscuits", that's where your bonuses and the recorded instructions are.

    Please, do yourself, your family, your neighbors and your dog a huge favor. End your dog’s nuisance barking so you can all rest easy!

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