Nothing's More Fun Than A Dog Birthday Party!

Get some friends together and host the Party of the Year!

Hosting a Dog Birthday Party is a lot of fun.

dog birthday

Below are some tips on how to host a successful doggie birthday party.

Step 1

Find a fenced in space where you can host the dog birthday party.

Step 2

It's a good idea to only invite dogs you know to be friendly and play well with others.

You don't want to have to send a guest home early!

And don't invite so many dogs there won't be enough room to run! Less is more.

Step 3
Set the stage

Decorate your yard with themed lights in the trees and/or from the porch. Be sure to keep cords/lights away from inquisitive dogs.

Doggie-proof the yard. You may want to remove tiki torches, small potted plants or other things that could crash if barreled into at top speed.

Corral the chairs in a seperate area from the high speed romping.

Party Blanche

Step 4

Of course, you could let the guests create their own games, running in circles is always popular (dogs are easily entertained).

But you may want to add additional touches, wading pools will provide a good place for cooling off and you could add an extra element of fun by putting things in the pools, tennis balls or other toys, or even food (floating bits of hot dogs?)

Step 5

The best part of any party! There should be food for the pups and the human partygoers.

You could bake or buy a cake.

I'd go with 2 different varieties; a dog-friendly cake,made with ingredients they can eat--remember no chocolate, ever! and a seperate cake for the humans made with traditional cake ingredients.

You may also want to other treats on hand for both dogs and humans and don't forget to have plenty of water out for the dogs.

"Doggie bags" of treats are great fun for take home favors

Step 6

Have plenty of water dishes out

Have plenty of plastic bags or a pooper scooper (and a place to put the dirty bits!)

Pick up anything you don't want peed on or that isn't easy to hose off this could include; nicely potted plants, fancy lawn furniture, nice lawn decorations, etc.

Step 7
Have fun!!!

Make Treats For a Dog Birthday Party