Dog Biscuit Recipes

Look no further for great dog biscuit recipes to bake your beloved four legged friends.

Baking dog biscuits is easy and less expensive than store bought treats.

Plus, they can be much healthier than a lot of the treats on the market.

You can make fancy dog treats with frosting or quick and easy peanut butter drop biscuits.

You can easily make a big batch of healthy dog treats with any of the biscuit recipes on this site.

They also freeze nicely and make great gifts!

It's Time to Bake Dog Biscuits!

dog with bowl waiting for treats

  • Choose a dog biscuit recipe
  • gather your ingredients
  • clear some counter space
  • and
  • start mixing and rolling
  • Some of these can be cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters and others are more like little drops or “nuggets” like this peanut butter dog treat. Peanut Butter Goodness Dog Treat Recipe

    You’ll see how easy and fun it is and when your dog can’t stop sitting for more, you’ll feel very rewarded. Plus, when you know what went in them you'll feel great about feeding your pet a healthy homemade treat! Dog Biscuit Recipes

    If a dog's prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky. --Old Proverb

    Since 2007 there's been at least 6 pet food recalls. Maybe your own pet was affected.

    More and more pet parents are opting to "skip the kibble" and feed a home cooked diet--at least occasionally.

    What does veterinarian Dr. Jones say needs to be your dog (and cat's) home cooked diet? You might be surprised at how easy it is! Just fill out the information below for your free report.

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