5 Types of Dog Collars and Leashes For Your Pet

Whether your drawers are stuffed with dog collars and leashes or you have only one set per dog you’ve got to have ‘em.

If you’ve got dogs you need collars and leashes. It’s just part of the package.

From your basic nylon to designer models, dog collars and leashes come in hundreds of fabrics, patterns and styles.

The Basic Styles

1--Simple fabric collar--it can be nylon, cotton or something else with an adjustable buckle. Cute Dog Collars

2- Martingale Dog Collars --Also known as “Greyhound” collars, they slip over the head and are then adjustable. Many are made from long lasting hemp and have pretty patterns with contrasting trims.

3-Metal collars- there are the Choke Chain Dog Collars and the Pinch Dog Collars kind. Both are sometimes chosen for training purposes or for larger breeds--esp. rottweilers and other “tough” dogs.

Once popular, many trainers are anti using these type of collars now arguing that they strengthen the neck muscles and teach the dog aggression.

If you’re severely against these collars, please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m only sharing information about their existence ;)

4-Designer collars like Coach Dog Collars

5-Custom-- Whether you’re looking for Christmas or other holiday collars, embroidered dog collars or leather ones, they're out there!

6-Behavioral modification collars like the No Bark Or Citronella Collars.

As you probably know, there are tons of dog collars and leashes out there. It’s really up to you, your taste and purpose for the collars. Here you can compare popular collars

Compare Dog Collars

How Should Your Dog’s Collars Fit? Obviously, you don’t want your dog’s collar to be too loose or too tight.

They’re both dangerous and could lead to your dog choking. If it’s too tight you’re cutting off the air circulation and if it’s too loose, it can get hung up on toys, chair legs or twigs.

The general rule is, you should be able to place two fingers between your pet’s neck and the collar.

As far as leashes go, unless your want retractable leashes or you choose leather or cotton dog leashes is up to you.

Note: I used to love my retractable leashes when my dog was younger and we lived in the city.

But I did find he broke them by dashing after something at top speed if I wasn't careful. Now, I use a fabric leash when we go out.

So, what sort of dog collar and leash is right for you and your pet?

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