Dog Dental Care is An Important Part of a Healthy Pet

dog dental care

Regular dog dental care can keep your pet healthy inside and out.

Brush your dog's teeth? Yes.

I used to think that this was for those "crazy dog people" and how silly.

But as I learned more about pet health, I realized I was crazy, I mean I brush my teeth at least twice a day. Why should my dog's teeth clean themselves?

A Healthy Mouth is Connected to a Healthy Body

Gingivitis and gum disease can lead to problems in the kidneys and other organs in your pet.

What Are the Signs of Dental Problems?

Yellow or brown teeth with bad breath are typical signs your pet's teeth need some attention.

Also, the gums can be red and inflamed which leads to gum disease.

Left untreated, these problems can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay. Ultimately, these can lead to health problems elsewhere in your pet's body.

Brush 'Em Good

It's essential to brush your dog's teeth.

If you haven’t already, get yourself a pet toothbrush (they have smaller bristles and a smaller head).

And arm your self with some pet toothpaste. (don’t use people stuff here—your pets will swallow the toothpaste and people kind can upset their tummies.)

I find that the most bacteria, etc. tends to hang around the upper cuspids near the gum line, making them dark colored. So, I concentrate my brushing technique on that area. Don’t expect to do a great tooth brushing all at once. You may have to work up to it.

You can try just the brush at first. If your dog is really resistant the flavored toothpaste should make it more palatable for him (pun intended).

You can also just rub a soft cloth over your pet's teeth to work up to the toothbrush.

It's the brushing that gets under the gum line and protects your pet's teeth and gums.

Here's beef flavored toothpaste from Amazon. Pair it with the finger toothbrush and clean your pet's teeth for good dog dental care.

The Benefit of Bones

Some veterinarian recommend raw, meaty bones once a week for dogs to clean the tartar off. You can ask the butcher for bones for pets.

Veterinarian Dr. Jones recommends raw carrots to help clean your pet's teeth.

See other pet dental care helpers here.

So celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with dog dental care protect your pet’s mouth by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly!