Dog Food Allergies

Dog food allergies affect approximately 10-15% of dogs with allergies.

Wheat and corn allergies are the most common.

Occasionally, dogs may also suffer from pork, lamb or other allergies just like people, but grain allergies are more common.

Once you've (or you and your vet) diagnose an allergy, you can to avoid that ingredient in your pet's food.

You could see a happier dog within just a few days!

If you find your dog is sensitive to wheat or another grain, you may choose to feed a grain free diet.

There are grain free foods on the market or you may choose to make your own. More on that in a minute.

spelt flour

If You Do Choose to Include Grain in Your Dog's Diet, Do You Know What Types of Flour Your Dog Can Eat?

Your dog could be allergic to regular wheat or white flour.

(White flour is just bleached wheat with most of the vitamins removed).

Luckily, there are lots of different flours you can use in making dog treats or to look for in kibble.

  • rye
  • chickpea flour
  • barley
  • spelt
  • amaranth
  • garbanzo

Some of these will be found at a larger grocery but others you may have to special order or seek them out at a specialty grocery.

Obviously, each will have their own tastes/textures and merits.

Experiment and have fun!

If you're a baker, you can substitute these flours for wheat or white flour in recipes. You may have to play around to discover the right consistencies as different types of flours will have different textures.

For dog treat recipes, go to the Dog Treat Recipe Page

Luckily, most dogs will happily eat your experiements!

For More on Dog Food Allergies

Home Cookin' for Dogs

Your poor dog.

I know it breaks your heart to see him suffer with a dog food allergy.

The good news is, once you figure out the culprit, you can ban that from your dog's diet.

Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones can help.

See what he has to say about commercial pet food. He has solutions to your dog's dog food allergies.

He even gives you recipes for some home cooked meals.

Why not take a look at what an experienced veterinarian has to say? Who knows, your dog could be feeling better in just a few days...

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