Easy Dog Food Recipes

Dog food recipes let you control exactly what your dog eats.

Cooking for your dog allows you great control over what he's eating. It may even give him better health.

Homemade, natural dog food tends to be pretty simple. After all, your dog is likely to be thrilled with anything you make. No need to be a 4 star establishment. :)

With a jar of baby food and a can of tuna you have the makings of a

dog food recipes like this soft dog treat.
With some hamburger meat or ground turkey you can make a meatloaf for your dog.

This is a great easy and economical recipe. Make it once and serve it over several meals. You can even double the recipe and make two at a time. Then you can freeze one or if you have several dogs, you may need the larger quantity.

Whether you need dog food recipes once in a while or you need a whole book because you’ve made a commitment to “skip the kibble”, many veterinarians applaud you for taking this important step in your pet's health.

Just think, real food=better health. It works for you and I and for your pets.

Here's veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones making a meal for his dog Lewis.

Click here to watch Dr. Jones make up a yummy dog food recipe

Variety is key to making sure your dog gets plenty of the right nutrients. So, mix it up. Change up the protein and the veggies you feed your pet so he gets a well rounded mix.

And on days when homemade just isn’t in the cards?

Try adding something fresher to your pet’s kibble even just some yogurt or applesauce adds good stuff to your pet’s system and can boost his immune system.
You can also download Dr. Jones' special report on pet food. Just fill in your information and it'll be on it's way to your inbox!

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