Cure Dog Hot Spots So Your Pet Finds Relief

Dog hot spots

I remember when Baggins had dog hot spots, he wouldn't stop licking and chewing his arm until he had a raw sore without any fur.

He was still a young pup and I didn't know what to do about it.

My solution was to rub aloe vera gel on the irritated area and distract him for awhile so he would leave it alone.

Luckily my methods worked and we haven't had to revisit this issue but hot spots on dogs are common.

Hot spots are red, inflamed areas also known as acute moist dermatitis. These raw areas of skin can spread quickly if your pet keeps licking, scratching and chewing the problem area.

Pretty soon, what started out as a small red spot has spread to an ugly patch on your dog.

Plus, your pet feels miserable. Wouldn't you?

If you've ever had poison ivy or a some other type of skin rash you know what it's like to worry and worry a particular area and see it spread.

Spare your dog this discomfort!

What can you do about dog hot spots?

First, let's look at the cause.

Well, let’s first look at the causes.

What Causes Hot Spots on Dogs?

What we call "hot spots" are actually bacterial infections that can be caused by:

  • Allergies

  • Flea infestations

  • Trapped dead hair--especially in humid climates

  • Boredom/Stress

  • Long haired breeds are most susceptible to dog hot spots but any dog can get them.

    Your dog may start by nibbling on a paw or other area and worry it until he has a red, moist--maybe even oozing area that he won't leave alone.

    And, you know, that once the irritated area develops, it's tough to distract your pet. Yet, it's essential to healing.


    treating dog hot spots

    The first thing you want to do is clean up the sore spot and keep Lucy from worrying it into a bigger problem. This will take some patience and persistence. (And maybe a lot of yummy dog treats!)

  • Take a damp cloth and gently pat the area to clean it
  • Clip the fur around the infected area so air can get to it and dry it out
  • Choose one or more of the below treatments to help dry and heal the area

    1. Use cool black or green tea bags to cool and comfort the area--tea bags have tannic acid in them which will dry out the area.

    2. Make an oatmeal paste to dry it out by mixing oatmeal with water until you get a pasty texture (but you'll have to keep your dog from eating the treatment!)So distract her with belly rubs or her favorite game while it dries.

    3. Aloe vera gel

    What can you do to prevent these painful spots on your dog?

    Prevention of Hot Spots in Dogs

    Dog hot spots

  • Make sure you keep your long haired dog brushed! Matted and knotted fur is a prime place for hot spots in dogs to form.

  • Keep your pet flea free. Lots of skin irritations including dog hot spots are started by scratching for fleas.

  • If your dog has frequent hot spots or other skin irritations--what are you feeding him? Try a different type of food without corn or wheat and see if the skin conditions heal.

  • You can also add healthy omega 3's like salmon oil, olive oil and flaxseeds to your pet's diet to help him have a healthy skin and coat.

  • There are many natural remedies to treat hot spots on dogs.

    So, to sum up:

    Brush your dog daily keep her free of tangles and matted fur

    Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise so she's not just chewing herself out of boredom

    Look out for other symptoms of allergies. If you'd suspect your dog is suffering from a dog allergy and you'd like to know the steps you can take to heal her you'll want to check out this ebook by famed veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones.

    Click here for natural remedies for dog hot spots and other concerns.