Dogs in Seattle

Seattle is known for coffee, Microsoft and dogs.


Well yes, dogs in Seattle have a great life.

Seattle is notoriously dog friendly. Dogs ride the city buses, go to work with their humans and are truly part of the fabric of the city. I once remember reading an article about the dogs at Microsoft riding the elevators and visiting their favorite humans.

On a recent trip to Seattle to visit my sister I wanted to see if the dog-friendly reputation of the city really holds up.

My dog, an 11 year old American Eskimo named Baggins, doesn’t like to fly so he stayed home in Philadelphia. My sister Meighan doesn’t have a dog. (She’s so deprived!)

But she’s enterprising. She invited a coworker out to lunch with her dog Mabel during the New Year’s week while I was visiting. We picked up Carrie at the office and went to her house to get Mabel.



“Mabel will be so excited to go out with us!” Carrie said.

On the way through the Queen Anne neighborhood, Carrie pointed out Kinnear Park where Mabel likes to go after work hours.

We picked up Mabel, a pretty longish haired dog who’s part Australian shepherd and part Border Collie.

Mabel happily jumped into the back seat and we drove her up a hill to another park, Queen Anne Bowl Park where she ran off leash with some of her buddies, Blue and Lily.

Seattle Dog Park

While the humans shivered (it was cold!) and conversed, the dogs romped and played. Mabel showed some of her border collie stalking skills by dropping flat to the ground and slinking up on her playmates. Then they’d all take off and run happily through the trees.

After Mabel had a run, we all got back in Carrie’s Honda Civic and drove up more hills to Queen Anne Avenue and had lunch at Noah’s Bagels. Mabel sat just outside the door on the sidewalk while we sat inside near the window and kept an eye on her.

Seattle Is Dog Friendly!

Olive the pup

Carrie was full of dog friendly information.

She said 8-10 dogs are at her advertising agency office at any given time. Some of them are small and sit on the desk like Olive here on the right, but others, like Mabel, relax at the feet of their humans.

Carrie told me dogs in Seattle are allowed to ride the city bus system. She takes Mabel on it from time to time and about a place called the Downtown Dog Lounge which offers doggie daycare, grooming and dog and yoga classes among other activities. These dogs in Seattle have hip places to stay!

Both she and Meighan told me about a couple who’d moved into the country and would come pick up dogs in the city and drive them to their farmhouse for a stay. Maybe the downtown dog lounge people know them?

Pet Store in Queen Anne

After lunch, we visited the pet shop next door and Mabel got a new collar.

Then we all piled into Carrie’s car and returned to Carrie’s office. She and Mabel went down the hall to the offices and Meighan and I went outside into the sunny street.

If you’re planning a trip to Seattle with your dog here’s a guide to dog parks.

Here’s to happy, healthy dogs in Seattle! See Dog Treat Recipes