Top 10 Reasons Dog Training Can Help Your Dog Become a Better Mannered Member of Your Family

It's National Dog Training Month and whether you got a new furry friend over the holidays or you want to improve your long time dog’s behavior, there’s no better time to start training.

Luckily, dog training doesn’t have to be difficult.

Once you learn a few techniques, your dog’s behavior will make more sense to you and you’ll understand the secrets of a dog’s mind.

Top 10 Reasons to Train Your Dog:

10-Proper socialization—If your dog spends all day in a crate or otherwise alone, he’ll feel isolated—wouldn’t you?

And he may be manic when you’re home and he’s loose.

Jumping, barking, running in circles for long periods of time, these are classic symptoms. He might be aggressive at the dog park or with you.

Training means you spend time together and he learns what’s “good” behavior and what’s not.

9—No more leash pulling. Walking is a great way to get exercise for you and your dog.

But if your dog thinks a leash means “time to pull my human down the street for all the great sniffs.” Well, it’s not so fun, is it? And it could be dangerous.

8—The bathroom is outdoors—always.

Do you have an anxiety prone fellow who just can’t seem to avoid wetting the floor beneath him when someone new comes around? Or do you come home to piles of poo in the living room—despite the fact you’ve only been gone an hour and he just went out?

If there are no medical reasons for this lack of discrimination—you can help your dog “relearn” the bathroom situation.

7—Sit for greeting. Do you fantasize about your dog sitting to greet people instead of jumping all over them and subjecting them to the powers of puppy drool? Yes, you can change this too.

6—Total Recall—Imagine your dog darts out the door chasing a cat, you call “Max” and your dog stops what he’s doing, looks at you and comes back. Magic? No. Just good training. It’s easier than you think.

5—End separation anxiety—Separation anxiety affects 1000’s of dogs.

Not only is it scary and emotionally turbulent for your dog, but it can also result in destroyed belongings and damage to your house.

If you have a strong bond with your dog through good training and positive affirmation, you can lessen this fear in your dog.

4--Stop the barking—when your dog isn’t leading the neighborhood barkfest you can relax and get some rest.

No more waking the kids up from naps. Or waking your neighbors. You can breathe deeply and know your dog isn’t annoying everyone around.

3—No biting—Just like you can “reach your limit” and when you’re pushed beyond it you may lash out at someone just because they’re there - your dog has a “bite threshold” too.

Even a dog who’s never shown any indication of biting could be pushed to his limit by taunting kids or a “scary” situation. Learn to recognize the signals and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

2-- Nail trimmings that don’t take three Vet Techs and a small prayer.

Imagine being able to trim those way too long toenails with the help of a good friend - and not an army of wrestlers.

No more muzzles at the vet clinic or having the groomer kindly suggest she won’t trim your dog’s nails.

It’s possible to train your dog to accept nail trimmings with minimal intrusion.

A qualified dog trainer can teach you how.

1—Your dog is nicer to be around. When she’s not barking endlessly and pulling you down the street on walks she’s more fun for you. And that means she gets to go more places and be better socialized. In short, she’s happier too. It’s a win win.

So, what are you waiting for? In just 10-15 minutes a day of dog training you could transform your dog’s behavior into that of a model pooch you’re proud to call your own.

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