Best Dog Treat Recipe Cookbooks

If you're anything like me, you love browsing through cookbooks.

Dog treat recipe cookbooks are great.

They're fun to read and cook from and I often learn something new.

In fact I once learned to how to make an herbal rinse to detangle that loooong Eskie fur after a bath.

Hey, it helped Baggins to smell great too and helped to create a natural flea barrier. Not bad for a simple rinse!

Dog treat cookbooks make great gifts to your favorite dogs and their companions too. Add a gift of homemade treats and you'll definately be remembered for your thoughtfulness and generosity:)

Dog Treat Cook Books

3 dog bakery

Our Favorite! You may have bought treats in one of these shops. If so, you're familiar with the fun style of the country's first gourmet dog bakery.

It's nicely illustrated with drawings of the three doggie inspirations.

3 Dog Bakery Cookbookfeatures yummy recipes in categories like Home for the Holidogs and Sweets for the Sweet! Ranging from from appetizers to desserts, you could throw a doggie dinner party from this book!

You Bake'm Dog Biscuits This fun dog treat cookbook has a great vintage look and includes dog treats from healthy snacks to special occasion treats. Woof!

good food for dogs cookbook

Good Food for Dogs

This is great for the person who wants to cook regular meals for her pet.

Recipes for stews and casseroles and treats straight from your stove. Whether you want to serve your pet a home-cooked diet always or just occasionally this is a great dog treat recipe cookbook filled with healthy recipes that go way beyond "treats".

small doggy bones cookbook

Great for kids. These easy recipes encourage involvement from the whole family. The Small Dogs Doggy Bone Cookbook is geared toward small dogs (under 20 lbs.). One of the most kid friendly of treat recipe cookbooks.

This book has an outside ring binder and thick cardboard-like pages (like picture books for young kids). Kids will love mixing and rolling and cutting out shapes for Fido.

Well, that's a short list of some dog treat recipe cookbooks that Baggins and I like. Happy Baking!

I recently came across a veterinarian named Dr. Andrew Jones. Watch this video to see him making a Sweet Potato and Fish Recipe for his dog.

He's passionate about feeding healthy food to your pets. Why sweet potatoes and fish? Watch and find out!

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