Dog Vitamins Can Help You Keep Your Dog Healthy But What Do You Need to Include?

Sammy the Cattle Dog Mix Gets His Dog Vitamins

Does your pet need dog vitamins?

If you're anything like me, all your nutritional needs aren’t always met by a completely well-rounded diet (frozen pizza, anyone?).

Why Your Dog Needs a Supplement

A good supplement will be stuffed with a mix of vitamins and minerals -- think of it as a multi-vitamin for your pet.

It'll protect against serious diseases like thyroid and Cushings disease--maybe even prevent dog allergies!

Imagine, not having to watch your suffer from constantly itching skin and chronic ear infections.

Easy to Use

Don't worry, you won't have to shove a pill down your dog's throat to make sure she's getting top nutrition.

Dog supplements are usually in a powder form to make it easy to sprinkle on your pet's food.

A really good supplement will include:

Glucosomin Chrondroitin helps rebuild cartilage in the joint area so your dog feels less pain.

Relief from dry, itchy skin just a couple drops in Lucy's drinking water twice a day and you'll soon see the relief in your pet's eyes as she stops itching so much.

Salmon Oil helps Max have a healthy heart, shiny coat and eyes and overall good health.

The best time to start your pet on a healthy supplement is when he's young. Veterinarians say they're seeing more and more young dogs with dog allergies and other illnesses.

My favorite dog supplement is developed by Canadian veterinarian Dr. Andrew Jones. He's dedicated to pet wellness using top quality ingredients.

Watch This Video to See What Dr. Jones Has to Say About Dog Vitamins