First Run In With A Skunk.

by Angela
(Hamilton, OH)

My 1 1/2 year old Mini Pin/Beagle Mix had a run in with her first skunk a few weeks ago. We tried bathing her in tomato paste, the 24 hour emergancy vet recommended formula you have written here on your site (Dawn dish soap,Vinegar,Hydrogen Peroxide,Baking soda and Water) but, sadly neither worked.

I called my regular vet in the morning and they suggested "Nature's Miracle:Skunk Off" and that did it...NO MORE SMELL! I was very happy about that.

There was one more thing to worry about though. The two tone stinker sprayed my dog in the face and she kept rubbing her little eyes. My regular vet suggested saline drops or visine. I put the drops in her eyes and within seconds she was kissing my face as a thank you. The vet says that it washs the skunk spray out of their eyes and if I didn't put the drops in she could have damage to her beautiful brown eyes. Today her eyes are sparkling and clear. But, I am sure our dog won't be cornering any more skunks anytime soon. Let's just hope she learned her lesson.

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