Frosting Dog Treats

Frosting Dog Treats is easy.

The hard part is finding the right recipe. I found several online that involved a stick of butter. That doesn't fit my desire to have healthy treats for my pooch. So I decided to experiment with yogurt.

To make Yogurt Frosting Dog Treats:

  • Take one 6 oz. container of yogurt (I used banana but you could use plain)
  • 1 tbls.natural peanut butter
  • Directions:

    Mix in a food processor or mixer. Makes ½ cup of yogurt icing to frost about 30 dog treats.

    You can dollop on with a spoon, brush it on with a pastry brush or using a pastry bag (or plastic storage bag with the corner cut out) squeeze the yogurt out onto the dog treats. You could even dip them into the yogurt mixture. If you put this fresh baked treats, make sure they’re thoroughly cooled.

    These will have to be refrigerated as the yogurt isn't going to harden much but will remain kind of mushy.

    I haven't figured out how yet what to add to make it harden like I see at the bakeries. Maybe some of you can help?

    Happy frosting dog treats!

    Frosting Dog Treats

    Christel sent this tip:

    “I just wanted to let you know that you can use yogurt carob powder for frosting dog treats. This is easier than melting the chips will not be mushy." Thanks Christel!

    Chef Greg sent this one

    hullo... i am a professional chef and i was reading your articles and recipes and i am very impressed.. i also noticed that you were curious how to make your icing harden up...

    traditionally i would suggest using a fondant or a royal icing (but this is really only sugar which wouldn't be good for a dog)

    so i did a bit of experimenting in my kitchen and found that if i used pressed yogurt(the type used in greek food) because it is low in moisture, peanut butter, and added Arabic gum(that you should be able to find in a health food store or a baking supply store as it will gel and harden as it dries... they will still need to be refrigerated so as to not spoil but it will not be gooey and messy(as messy) I'll keep working away at it and see what i come up with... my 3 month old ausie will love it...


    And Julia

    I was doing some research as to how yogurt frosting gets hard.

    I'm sure as you already know its due to the powdered sugar (confectioners) and corn starch mixture. It's the crystals in the sugar and well it just hardens magically I think. I don't know the science behind it I just know it works.

    We all know that sugar is bad for our canines so I think I may have come up with a substitute.

    I haven't tried this yet, but just hear me out and give me your opinion if you can.

    Stevia: In clincial trials it has been proven to low the blood pressure in hypertensive dogs and humans alike. With all of my researach I have yet to find anything detrimental to the herb.

    With Stevia hitting the public they are now selling it in a nice powdered form. So I was thinking why not try to substitute the Stevia for confectioners sugar?

    Stevia and corn starch, blend together in a blender (not food processer, apparently it messes up the consistancy) and then slowly add to your mixture for the icing.

    I think in this case using a natural yogurt might be best since flavored yogurt tends to have more sugar in it anyway. To add flavor try some herbs. Peppermint, spearmint, hops for a hyperactive pooch... just do your research is all. Refrigerate afterwards.

    I plan on trying this in a few days. Until then I would like it if others could try it and we could compare results afterwards. Let me know results if you try it and thanks for all the great recipes.

    From Julia

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