Gabby and Beau...both Miniature Schnauzers

by Edie Pavonarius
(North Port, FL, USA)

Kissing my boyfriend, Beau

Kissing my boyfriend, Beau

My little rescue dog makes me laugh from morning to night.

She likes to see the water going down in the toilet, she will not eat anything, unless I give it to her to taste first. She moans, groans and grunts when you pick her up...they are the funniest sounds. She sleeps next to me at night and is always tring to steal my pillow...she does have her own! And she can keep anyone awake with her snoring. She just turned 9 months and for the last month, she finally came out of her shell and became a puppy.

We go to the beach often and she has to roll in the sand. She chases all the bigger dogs around...I keep trying to tell her she is not a big dog.

She has learned how to play, especially with Beau, and they constantly kiss one another.

They play tug of war, and Gabby always wins...she is 16 pounds and Beau is 27!

They are just the cutest dogs you ever wanted to see.

If you have plenty of love to give and a lot of patience, a rescue dog is what you want.

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