Is Grief in Dogs Real?

Every now and again someone writes me and asks if I think dogs grieve.

Plenty of veterinarians, plus my own experience says that grief in dogs is quite real.

If you've ever seen your pet acting down after a companion dies that's grief.
Sad Sammy Dog

Likewise, a major change can bring about feelings of grief.

Dogs feel grief and anxiety just like you and I.

My guess is you've seen your pet grieving and you want to help.

While grief in dogs can occur because of a loss of a companion, change can also bring about feelings of sadness or even anxiety.

Dogs like Routine

In other words, change can also affect your dog negatively. If your dog is acting unlike himself, consider if any of the following affect your environment.

• Are you moving?
• Have you had a lot of company recently?
• Is there a new baby in the house?
• Did you just bring this dog home?
• Or, did you bring another dog into the house?
• Did you just go on vacation leaving Fido behind?

In a dog’s mind, all of these can be reasons to be fearful and feel anxious or even grieve.

Signs of grief include:

• lethargy
• lack of appetite
• wandering around the house looking for someone, general down spirits
• Whimpering

Signs of anxiety include:

• All of the above
• sometimes destructive behavior

Here’s How You Can Help

If your pet doesn’t start feeling better after a few days, you might be getting worried. Your pet is showing signs of stress and needs you. You can support his or her emotional health by spending some extra time together.

Give your pet a massage. Go on extra walks or play his favorite games together more often.

Homeopathic Support for Grieving or Anxious Dogs

You can also support your pet with homeopathic remedies.

Here’s a formula that can support your pet’s distraught spirit and help him to heal.

It’s completely safe and natural as it’s a homeopathic remedy.

It promotes “overall wellness” and won’t interfere with other medications. You might choose to use it daily or only during times of stress.

It works on cats too.

Here's how it works. You just drop a few granules on your pets tongue and they dissolve, helping your pet feel calmer.

Users report happy, healthy dogs within a few doses.

What’s in it?

Safe ingredients like Chamomile calm your pet while the natural remedy Ignatia supports emotional health.

Grief in dogs is a very real emotion. So is anxiety. Why not try this natural solution to support your pet’s well being?

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