Hashbrown, Shiba Inu

by Tina
(Harrisburg, PA)

Hashbrown Lookin Pretty

Hashbrown Lookin Pretty

We have five dogs, all of which have been adopted from our local humane society where my dauhter is employed.

The first dog we got there was Hashbrown.

My daughter had not yet aquired a position there and it was a very sad day, as we had just left our vets office after putting down our beloved dog Peppers.

My daughter and I were devastated, but she was taking it particularly hard, even to the point of coming home from seminary when she found out about Peppers illness and she seriously considered dropping out for a year. Well, none of that happened because somehow we ended up walking through the halls of the humane society that day, and as soon as my daughter saw Hashbrown she walked up to her cage and refused to leave it.

Hashbrown licked my daughter's hand as if to say "Thank goodness, you finally came for me!" Although my daughter hadn't wanted to have anything to do with even thinking about another dog as we left the vets office that day, I knew as I saw the two of them interacting there that something very special was happening. I darted to the front desk and asked for a get aquainted session with Hashbrown, it went wonderfully, and before we knew it she was coming home and my daughter was heading back to seminary.

Soon after my daughter left it was apparent to me that Hashbrown had been badly abused. If I so much as changed my tone of voice, as in puzzled, quizzical, etc. she would roll over and submissively bare her belly to me, so frightened that she would become incontinent and urine would shoot a foot or so into the air! It didn't take her long to realize however that all she would get for such behavior at our house was love, soft words, cuddles and reassurance. Within a few months things had markedly improved. We found other obvious quirks in her behaviour that were also obvious signs of abuse, but those too were overcome with lots of love and patient understanding. She deserved no less.

She is now a thriving, beautiful, healthy, loving member of our family and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

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Sep 16, 2009
Thank you
by: Connie bowers

Thank God for people like you with a big heart and alot of patience!

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