by Patty Hubbard
(Pleasant Prairie, WI USA)

Henry is Always Camera Ready!

Henry is Always Camera Ready!

Henry is a very silly dog. He clearly says the words "No", "Mama", and "Out". We play a game of hide and seek where I run and hide, behind a door, a bookshelf, etc., and he runs to find me. When I say "Got me!" he runs away and I find another spot, and it starts all over again. He is treated as the King of the house that he is, so when he comes in from his potty time, he goes straight to the coffee table where his treat is waiting. Bedtime, however, is different. When I let him in for the last time of the night, I say,"Don't forget it's bedtime!" and he passes the coffee table and jumps right into (our) bed. He refuses to take his bedtime treat, chicken jerky, unless I hand it to him while he sits on his special pillow. When he wants to go out he stands and just shakes his collar so it jingles. He's got so much personality and I love him desperately. He makes me laugh all day with his quirks and his goofy behavior.

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