Holistic-Pet-Care-Flower-Essences Can Help Calm An Anxious Dog

Holistic-Pet-Care-Flower-Essences like the famous Bach Flower Remedies treat the whole dog at the source of the problem.

They are made by placing certain flowers in water, placing in the sun and bottling the water. Yeah, it sounds a little crazy but it's a powerful technique that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for 1000's of years.

The best-known flower essence is Bach's Rescue Remedy. Popular with dogs and people alike, it's been known to cure everything from colds to sprains.

I read a story recently about a woman whose dog was getting ready to go into the show ring and ran into another dog. He was upset and shaken. Many people offered Rescue Remedy for the dog and after having a little rubbed into his paws and gums, he was fine.

Another woman said her dog got up from lying on the ground and was limping with the left leg in the air. She checked him but couldn't find a reason for the limp. She doused his leg in Rescue Remedy and rubbed it in and a few minutes later he was fine.

They can even help improve your dog's focus for training, help with dog allergy symptoms or ease separation anxiety!

Homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and other forms of holistic healing have all used flower essences to heal for hundreds and sometimes, thousands, of years.

The Essence of Flower Essences

Loneliness / Home Alone Flower Essences

The holistic people will tell you that the water is filled with vibrations from the plants. That sounded a little strange to me too until I started thinking about our emotions.

Our emotions, (and our dog’s) have vibrations (ever been so angry you’re shaking?). So it makes sense that a calming vibration will calm the angry ones and bring your emotions back into balance. It works the same way on your pets.

The right flower essences can help with allergies, anxiety, training, skin irritants and much more. A few drops in your pet’s water or on their skin (where it can absorb) can help.

Holistic pet care is a way of approaching the "whole" picture and treating the cause and not the symptom. Flower Essences are just one piece of this approach.

There are many individual ones to choose from for specific ailments but the Rescue Remedy is a good all around one to have. Bach Rescue Remedy

Whichever one you choose, be aware that frequency of dosing is important. Every hour is better than more twice a day. And you'll see the results quickly. Within a few minutes!

History of Flower Essences

The first flower essences were made by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s and are known as Bach Flower Remedies. Dr. Bach was a traditional medical doctor in London who gave up his practice to pursue nature’s remedies with great success.

For more detail on flower essences in general (not pet related), see the Ananda Apothocary. Anada Apothecary