Restaurateur Turns Homemade Dog Food Maker

Owner of Miel’s restaurant for 21 years, Kristin Miel is used to cooking for humans. Yet, the last few months have found her cooking for canines.

That’s right, Kristin Miel makes homemade dog food.

Then she adds the cooked off meat to the vegetables and fruit.

Perfect for Dogs with Allergies

Making dog food is a natural extension of her cooking skills and ease in the kitchen.

Couple her experience with the growing trend in natural and homemade dog food as she has a business on her hands.

As more and more dogs suffer with allergies and other health problems, thousands have started cooking for their dogs.

Yet, statistics on how many people make their own dog food are hard to come by. That's not surprising, some make it occasionally and others are diligent about not feeding their pets anything else.

Delighted to Find Her

K9 Miels Homemade Dog Food

Kristin says many of her customers were delighted to find her because they could buy it from her now instead of making it themselves.

Made with sausage, hamburger, bacon, apples, yams, eggs, green beans and oatmeal the dogs are raving!

She sells it by the quart from her restaurant and she and Yogi make home deliveries.

How it Started

Kristin said she originally got into making dog food because she wanted to find a good use for the scraps of eggs, bacon and other food that came back on plates from the dining room.

Then, her daughter’s dog Cleatus, a 140-pound bloodhound was allergic to “everything”.

It became her job to make food he could eat. His response was so positive that she extended her efforts to the other dogs in the family. Their glossy coats and shiny white teeth highlight their health.

How to Get Some K9 Miels Homemade Dog Food for Your Dog

Kristin makes K9 Miels in Stockton, NJ. She and Yogi deliver locally and if you sign up for weekly delivery, it’s free delivery!

How it works: You place your order by calling 215-642-0078 or through the website. If you’re signing up for weekly delivery, you’ll get a cooler left at your house with a week’s worth of food.

A week later, she’ll take that cooler and replace it with a fresh one loaded with a week’s homemade dog food. Yogi here helps make deliveries. Yogi is K9 Miels Delivery Dog

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