How to Make Dog Treats

Tess loves dog treats

A lot of people ask me how to make dog treats so I thought I'd share a few tips on how to get started.

Making dog treats can be fun and it can be simple.

You really just need to choose a recipe, get out your baking gear and get started!

Choose Your Recipe

You can make decadent yummy treats for your furry friends--think 4 Cheese Biscuits.

Or you can go for more of a Treat Lite recipe. Your dog will love being cooked for either way ;)

Luckily, it's not hard to add in simple ingredients to really boost the health benefits of homemade dog treat recipes.

Add Healthy Ingredients

You can use ingredients like flaxseeds and salmon oil to add healthy omega 3's to your dog treats. Omega 3 fatty acids help your pet have a shiny and healthy coat and skin plus they help the nervous system.

Shred carrots, zucchini and tear up spinach to add to treat recipes! These banana carrot muffin treats are a winner with my Baggins.

You will want to avoid ingredients like raisins and chocolate as these are proven to be harmful to dogs. They can shut down their kidney systems and be fatal.

How to Make Dog Treats

  • choose a recipe
  • get out your cookie sheets and mixing bowls
  • put on apron
  • preheat oven
  • measure, mix, roll out and bake!
  • Your kitchen will smell delicious and your dog(s) will be delighted! It’s easy and inexpensive to make your dog yummy homemade dog treats

    You can control:

  • The size of the treats. No need to bake 2 inch dog bones for a Shih-Tzu!
  • And the ingredients so if your dog has allergies or favorites like peanut butter you can easily accommodate him!

  • And if you’re putting together a gift bag and want a dog treat cookbook and cookie cutters? Try The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook

    Gift Pack of Dog Bone Cookie Cutters

    Freeda Mae, discerning taste tester I can rely on Freeda to let me know if a food is not A + taste-wise. I tossed her a new treat I had baked myself and she promptly spit out, sniffed it, nibbled it and then decided it was good enough to eat.

    Courtesy Jay Fortman the Lockhart Pet Nanny

    You can browse my dog treat recipes to choose a dog treat recipe for your pet, get out your favorite cookie cutter and start baking!

    How to Make Dog Treats