by Shirley
(Advance, NC)

Jake and Mandy

Jake and Mandy

Jake and Mandy

I told Mandy's story earlier and I can't tell about my family without writing about Jake, our corgi-mix rescue.

Jake was left on the interstate with 2 other siblings. A kind stranger saw the puppies and took them to a nearby vet, which happened to be my vet.

I took my cocker-poo to the vet and saw the empty crate in the front office. I asked what had been in the crate. I was told a puppy and did I want to see him. Who could resist seeing a puppy!! Of course I wanted to see him, and when I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder...I knew he had just "adopted" me.

Jake became the best friend of our older dog, Buffy, aour 14 yr. old cocker-poo. Buffy lived almost another year and went to "Rainbow Bridge" to live without any medical pain.

My husband, Jake and I adopted Mandy, a terrier-mix from the shelter, about a year later. My family would not be complete without Jake and Mandy. There are no words to describe the happiness they bring into our lives.

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