JuNiOr is a one year and 11 month old English Bulldog

by Joann Frazer
(Chandler, TX)


A lot of things. One thing he does, when I say "wiggle wiggle" he starts swinging his butt or twisting his body like he's dancing.

Another thing he does is when he comes in from doing his business, he knows I need to check his butt to make sure it's clean or not (of course I don't want him on my furniture with a nasty butt!). So when he finishes his business, he runs into the house and I tell him, "let me see your butty hole," and he turns his butt to me so I can wipe it clean. I keep a roll of toilet paper by the back door.

Another thing he does is when I stick my tongue out at him and blow like a fart sound, he absolutely hates it. Sometimes he'll take off running, other times he'll sit still and give me the evil eye and the closer I get to his face and do that, he goes to snap at me, but he does it in a way as not to injure. I also have three pugs so he kind of acts like them. He does what they call the "pug run."

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