K9 Reporter Shares Dog Treat Recipes, Dog Training Tips and More

Publisher Catherine Potin calls K9 a "Lifestyle" magazine because she recognizes that when you have a dog, you have a different lifestyle.

You can listen to our interview here. Catherine Potin of K9 Reporter

If you prefer to read, here's my interview with Catherin Potin of K9 Reporter.

Q. Why did you start The K9 Reporter?

I had seen digital publications in other industries. I was impressed with the possibilities and the sleek look.

It is more dynamic than a newsletter because you can add audios and videos. I think it is more attractive too.

I see K9 Reporter as an extension to the website and show case dog experts, news from the dog world, interesting products and being overall fun and educative for dog owners.

Q. You describe K9 Reporter as a “lifestyle” magazine, would you expand on that?

A. How you spend your time off, vacation, your interests, your buying decisions are influenced by your dog. So your lifestyle reflects that fact.

For example if you are planning a vacation and like to take your dog with you, you are going to want to know about dog friendly accommodations, dog parks, off leash areas, trails, where to buy dog products etc.

If you can't take your dog with you, you are going to look for a pet sitter or a boarding facility in your area you are comfortable with.

If you are buying a new car, it might influence the style of car you choose.

It can even influence the kind of clothes you wear.

I know that I don't buy fleece sweaters or pants. Timba sheds a lot and in a matter of second fleece get covered with hair.

So your lifestyle is influenced by your dog.

Q. What’s been your favorite article so far?

It is difficult to say because I have more than one.

I believe dogs are becoming more and more part of our society and I love articles that reflect that. If I had to pick one it would be Puppies for Parole written by Dani Rouse Holland in issue 6.

Shelter dogs get the training and rehabilitation they need to found a forever home. The training is provided by inmates who get a second chance. They learn about responsibility, love, trust and life skills. I think it is an awesome program and it touches a lot of canine and humans lives.

Me: I particularly enjoyed the article about dogs playing soccer. It’s a great idea to get people and dogs moving. Have you and Timba participated in soccer?

Yes we have but in a different way than Mark and his team.

Timba likes to be a goalie. She stops the ball, carries it around and then kick it back. We often play with Tara our best doggie friend. Tara likes to dribble and push the ball around.

A few years ago we had a small team of 5 German Shepherd and 3 humans. We would often played in a tennis court. The main goal was to pass the ball and have some fun. Each dog had their own style and we (the humans) played along.

Q. Do you plan to make it a print magazine at any point?

Not really. I like an online publication because it is carbon neutral, simple to produce and I believe has more possibility than a print magazine.

Q. What inspires you?

Empowering people and bringing the best out in a dog.

Q. What inspires you?

Empowering people and bringing the best out in a dog.

Q. You also publish the website “Happy Dog Connections”. The tagline is “You and Your Dog: Beyond Training” can you tell us a bit about what you mean?

A. We must train our dogs so they are good k9 citizens and training is a great bonding experience.

For a lot of dog owners, training can be frustrating and overwhelming. But I think it is smoother and easier, when we take the time to learn about dogs and understand them.

I believe it all start with educating ourselves about the k9 world. It is a step that is often forgotten.

When you understand how a dog's brain works, how a dog learn, what triggers them, training becomes easier and more fun.

I know that if I would have take the time to learn and understand Timba first I would have save myself a lot of time, frustration and money.

Shelters are full of dogs being surrendered because of behavior issues. Most of the time, the owners did not know how to deal with the situation and cannot cope with it anymore and the situation escalate. So they bring the dog to the shelter.

My vision is that Happy Dog Connections provides training and wellness tools, dog owners can trust and enjoy.

There is so much dogs can bring in our life beyond the training. A dog brings a different slant in your life and I would like every dog owner to be able to fully enjoy this rich relationship we can have with our dog.

Thank you Catherine! I love your philosophy!

What about you? What types of changes have you made in your life to accommodate your dog? Please share in the comments below.

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