by cyndi

roxy,cloud and dulce

roxy,cloud and dulce

The 2 labx(the big ones) are our dogs,the little one belongs to our son.We adopted our dogs on the same day from our local humane society.They have brought alot of life to our home since day one.

We walk them everyday and often walk around an area that is on the outskirts of our city and has some old buildings made out of brick.One day a squirrel was climbing up the wall of the building,looked like spiderman,the dogs seen this and got very excited. Since then,they have spotted the little wall climbing squirrel quite often. Everytime we go by that building they are looking up at the building,they insist on walking around the entire place,hoping to see their amazing friend. I've often thought if anyone else was watching they would think these dogs were extremely interested in architecure,it makes me laugh thinking of it.

Also,anytime we say "squirrel up the wall" in our home,the dogs immediately start walking around staring up our walls thinking the squirrel is climbing our walls. Of course many other things these guys do make us laugh but this is one that comes to my mind first.

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