Learn to Communicate with Animals for a Better Relationship
with Your Pet

How to Be a Dog Psychic

Learn to Communicate with Animals!

Does your dog know the difference between a trip to the vet and a trip to the park—even before you leave?

Does your cat “just know” when you’re feeling down and could use a cuddly friend?

Have you ever felt that your fish are glad to see you when you smile at them?

In each case, you’ve been unconsciously sending messages to your pets. Wouldn’t you like to hear what they have to say?

Danika Nadzan, animal communicator and author of How To Be A Dog Psychic, will teach you how to telepathically communicate with your pets. The technique works for any animal, from ants to zebras, and anyone can do it with a little instruction and some practice.

You’ll learn how to mentally scan your pet for signs of physical problems.

Who is Danika Nadzan?

Danika Nadzan has been an animal communicator for over a decade. She's also an author and workshop presenter.

Her book How To Be A Dog Psychic, was published in November, 2005 by Fair Winds Press.

The book combines animal communication techniques, behavior problems and tips, and lots of helpful information for making life with your dog better, happier, and more fun for you both. Signed copies will be available for purchase at the workshop, and also through www.HowToBeADogPsychic.com.

Animal Communication Can Save Your Pet's Life

Over the years, Danika has done numerous consultations for concerned pet lovers.

She is often able to discern hidden physical issues, and her information has helped to save the lives of a number of seriously ill companion animals. While researching her book, she added an interest in the behavioral psychology of animals.

She found from her consultations that many behavior problems are triggered by human misunderstanding of the natural psychology and behavior of their pets.

Danika’s personal goal is to help as many people as possible learn to communicate with animals.

She believes this ability will provide a new perspective on the world’s creatures, one that will improve life on the planet for all of us.

Can't make the workshop? Get Danika's book and read it!

She explains animal pyschology and why they do the things they do. She does concentrate on dogs but includes cats and other animals too.

I especially enjoyed the anecdotes from her case studies like the story of her female cat who was being terrorized by the male cats in the house. When the cat stopped using the litter box for no apparent reason, Danika was able to find out that the cat was being snuck up on when she went into the covered litter box (boys!). Removal of the cover meant the cat could see if someone was trying to sneak up on her and jump out to scare her.