Lighted Dog Collars Can Prevent Catastrophe

Be Safe!

Today's technology makes lighted dog collars very effective and affordable.

Safety is the number one reason for an illuminated collar. Keep your pet visible on night time walks around the neighborhood.

There are collars lighted by LED lights and collars made of reflective fabric.

There are even collars that look like those glow sticks people wave around at concerts.

dog with lighted collar

One thing to be aware of.

Your dog may need some adjusting to a his new visibility. Some dogs are distracted by the light around his neck.

A lot of today’s illuminated collars allow your pet to be visible from up to ½ a mile away--perfect if they escape artists and go running alongside the road.

And they run on a watch battery!


For fun and games there are lighted balls to play catch with after dark!

Imagine you and your pet at the beach. You're throwing the ball and she's diving into to water after it.

Lucy comes bounding back to you through the surf, carrying the lighted ball in her mouth and wearing a lighted collar.

You can’t lose sight of her or the ball!

Whether you choose led lights, reflective fabrics or a combination, illuminated dog collars are really perfect for people living in the country or in the suburbs where you may be walking along the edge of the road.

Drivers can see you in plenty of time to keep a safe distance.

And some of collars are really cute like this polka dotted reflective collar

Maybe you have a chewer and you’re looking for lighted dog collars with a lifetime guarantee (yes, even if chewed.) If so, check out lupine dog collars