Low Protein Dog Food Recipe

by Lisa Green

Jennifer I am super late responding back to you on this. You had requested what sort of low protein diet i fed my dogs.

It is a mix of a recipe I found on the internet and I have made my own modifications to it. This recipe makes a very large batch. (approx 42 cups)

Cook about 1 lb of lean hamburger, liberally sprinkled with garlic powder

large dutch oven (approx 1 smaller box) of rice (cooked in beef broth (reduced sodium) or beef soup base for flavour)

6 hard boiled eggs (i remove the shells and cut into small bite sized bits)

1 loaf of multi grain bread broken into small bits
small pot of mixed vegetable (you can use whatever is in season (turnips, carrotts, peas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, beets etc) or i also sometimes buy bags of frozen vegetables as well also cooked in a beef broth or beef soup base for flavour)

2 cans of pure pumpkin

I mix all this together and divide into 6-8 cup containers and freeze.

I still make this for my other 2 dogs now as a supplement to the kibble food and give them some every morning to mix medications and dietary supplements. They love it.
Lisa Green

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