How to Maintain Your Dog's (Healthy) Weight With Lowfat Dog Treats

Lowfat dog treats can help your pooch maintain a healthy weight if they're given in moderation.

There are plenty of healthy treats that your dog will love. Some dogs love a raw carrot or piece of an apple. I've seen a terrier who adored bananas.

If the fresh ingredients don’t do it for your pet, then skip the bacony treats and bake or buy treats with carrots, flaxseeds and natural apple-sauce. My dog loves treats made with these ingredients and they have the added bonus of being good for him too!

So, even the weight conscious pooch can enjoy a morsel of tasty goodness!

overweight dog

If your dog is overweight, it’s up to you to help get him back to a healthy weight. That may mean switching to a “diet” dog food and getting him increased exercise.

Of course, this article doesn’t address medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease or other medical concern which can contribute to your dog’s overweight tendency. Make sure you rule out these other concerns with a trip to your vet if you think they may be a possibility.

Find Recipes For Lowfat Dog Treats

Here’s to maintaining a healthy weight for all your family members! And here's to lowfat dog treats!

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