Lupine Dog Collars Have a Lifetime Guarantee

I don't know about you, but I haven't found much that's guaranteed in life.

So, when I found out about the lupine dog collars guarantee, I was pretty amazed.

Get this, they'll replace the collar even if Fido chews it up!
Now that's exciting!

Lupine dog collars are great for dogs of all sizes.

Lupine Dog Collars

For all you animal lovers who are currently living through “the puppy eats everything blues”, you owe it to yourself to take a look at these collars.

Stay Put Design

Lupine dog collars are made of a super strong nylon webbing and woven.

What does this mean for you? It means the pattern won't rub or peel off. It's part of the collar.

They come a range of colors and patterns, I like the new classic “mud puppy” one here

If you choose a patterned one, the pattern is woven right into the fabric not printed or a ribbon overlay. It’s a jacquard weave which is a type of woven fabric made on large looms. This type of weave dates back to the 18th century. Lupine Collars Are Made of a Jacquard Weave

The lupine website describes the process as “like the potholders you made at camp”. I made mine at home but I got the idea.

And they’re super affordable

and made in New Hampshire!

How Do You Choose the Right Size Collar for Your Pet?

You don’t want your dog’s collar too tight or too loose.

Either one can be dangerous. Too tight and you’re strangling the poor thing. Too loose and they can either slip out of the collar--and if they’re outside alone and they get out of your yard, there goes their ID--or they can get things tangled in the collar and that can dangerous.

The rule of thumb is you should be able to fit too fingers between the collar and you’re pet’s neck.

But what about those inches? Dog Collars start at ½” and go up.

What do you choose?

A small pup should probably start with a ½”. But check it frequently as puppy growth spurts will cause him to outgrow his collar. You can measure around your pup’s neck with a tape measure to decide the best size collar for him.

Measure Your Dog's Neck

Lupine dog collars have a ¾” collar that fits neck sizes 12-20 inches. That seems to be standard.

Lupine also makes Martingale collars or “limited slip” collars. These are especially popular with greyhound folks since even those with a skinny neck can’t duck out of them.

Lupine also makes leashes and harnesses with a lifetime guarantee.