Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits Can Help the Pets
of New Orleans

"It's Carnival Time"!

And to celebrate the Mardi Gras spirit,
Baggins' Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits are here!

$2 of every bag sold will be donated to the Louisiana SPCA.
7oz. bags are $8

This is a great way to help Katrina-affected pets of New Orleans while feeding your pet healthy treats!

Because it's not just a party ya’ll!

Hurricane or no hurricane, the 150th Carnival season is upon New Orleans!

Over the next few weeks, residents will come together to celebrate life and watch the parades. There will be many bittersweet reunions this year, but as a former resident of that great city, I understand the need for a long-standing tradition to provide an anchor to the spirit of New Orleans.

Tradition Provides an Anchor

But there is still much so much need

So, in honor of the city I love so much and the very real need that is still present throughout the area, I’m pleased to announce the launch of
Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits by Baggins’ Best Biscuits to help the pet community. Why am I doing this? Because I love New Orleans and, like you, I love the animals.

1000's of Pets Were Saved

Over 8,000 New Orleans pets were rescued by the LA/SPCA in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Over 1000 staff and volunteers from around the United States and the World worked 16 + hour days rescuing pets. The shelter lost its building and all its contents and many of the 60+ person staff lost their homes.

Luckily, the animals had been evacuated to safety.

“Hurricane Katrina was devastating for our community, for both animals and people, but as we rebuild and recover we have to move from that place of loss to a place that improves the lives of animals for years to come,” says Laura Maloney, Executive Director of the LA/SPCA. “Support from individuals and organizations all over the country are instrumental in helping us recover and rebuild.”

$2 of every bag of Mardi Gras Biscuits sold will be donated to the LA/SPCA, a 117 year old organization that is operating out of temporary space and is having to start from scratch. It will cost an estimated $6 million dollars to build a new shelter. And then there’s the public veterinary clinic to be reopened, the spay/neuter initiative, and other projects that the LA/SPCA is focusing on for 2006.

Go here to learn more about the Louisiana SPCA.

Your purchase of Baggins' Mardi Gras Biscuits helps to support the efforts of the Louisiana-SPCA.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Biscuits

Are made with all-natural, human quality ingredients; all-natural applesauce, cinnamon, flour, oatmeal, egg and other wholesome ingredients.

This all-natural dog treat is Apple Cinnamon flavored and has three different shaped biscuits.

There’s a trumpet (to represent the music of the city), a crown (to represent Rex, King of Carnival) and a fleur de lis ( the symbol of French tradition in the city).

These are BIG biscuits! The trumpet and crown are almost 6” across and approx. 2’’wide. The fleur de lis is 3” tall. Yeah, they’re big, but these biscuits are soft enough to break them into smaller pieces for your dog and maybe even share! All in the spirit of Mardi Gras.

So make tails wag! Treat your dog to great healthy dog treats and help support the ongoing pet relief efforts in New Orleans. Each 7 oz. bag is $8.

Baggins’ Mardi Gras Dog Biscuits
- Because it's not just a party ya’ll!

Thank You for your purchase of Baggins’ Mardi Gras Biscuits.