Marley- Pitbull mix. Overly obsessed with toys in the lake!

by Michael
(Minnetonka, MN)

Marley needs that toy!

Marley needs that toy!

Living in Minnesota, we have plenty of lakes surrounding us. Whenever the word lake is mentioned, Marley starts running around the house and crying/whining until she is let out the door! If you do not make movements to show you are heading out to the lake, she will follow you around while dancing and yelling "hurry up!" She then follows you down to the docks walking sideways as she stares with excitement at the water dummy in my hand. She continues to cry in excitement as she watches the toy all the way to the lake. Once she sees the path to the lake, she is in a full speed run down to the docks where i later find her sitting on the end of the dock waiting for me to arrive with the toy. Once she sees i am on the dock, she becomes over excited appearing quite un-coordinated! Once she is sitting down and i make my way to the end of the dock, she waits inching forward every second, until i say "go" and release the dummy into the air. She comes charging down the dock crying her eyes out for this toy until she leaps in a beautiful fashion as far as possible then continuing to swim while anxiously crying until she reaches the toy. She is quite beautiful is mid air, check out this picture of Marley!

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