Meet Baggins

Baggins, an American Eskimo Dog

Baggins is an 8-year old American Eskimo born near Atlanta, GA.

He lived the first few years of his life in the sultry climate of New Orleans before we finally moved to Upstate New York where he saw snow for the first time. Boy, was he happy!

Now, Baggins lives in Philadelphia, PA where he is an eager test taster for Baggins' Best Biscuits.
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I never thought I'd be baking dog treats. I didn't think I would ever have a website either. Funny how life is.

Baggins' Best Biscuits came about when I realized how much unhealthy and potentially harmful stuff goes into so many commercial dog treats. It's really gross and possibly toxic over the long haul (like a lifetime).

Learning About Pet Food

Baggins is an Amercian Eskimo at 15 weeksAs I learned more, I realized how little I had known!

For example, I thought that just because a pet food was more expensive and claimed to be "specially formulated" that it must be better. Guess again. The chemicals! The processing! The animal parts!

Once I learned what ingredients to avoid, boy, I was stuck if I needed to buy food at the grocery.

I started going to what I call the country feed store (usually with red blocks on the side of the building) and found they had much higher quality kibble. Then, as I moved to the city, there were the specialty dog shops with good quality food. Baggins has even eaten Trader Joe's brand so there's been a wide swath of testing that he's done.

Baking Treats

I began to baking treats for Baggins in 2005 and he and his friends loved them! I sold them at farmer's markets and pet stores around Bucks County for awhile, but now I just bake for internet orders or neighbors.

As I learned about dog health and started baking treats I wanted to share what I've learned with other dog owners.

I've had people write me and to thank me for doing the work for them in developing, finding and posting these dog treat recipes. I'm glad to know so many dogs have benefited from this site and now it's even generating some income. Do you want to know how I did it?

About This Site

As I started thinking how to best share the information I was learning with others, the internet seemed the obvious way.

But, there was a problem, I didn't know anything about the internet, I mean I could send email and stuff but I couldn't do anything fancy and building a website sounded difficult.

After months of reading lots of stuff about internet marketing and search engine optimization I was completely overwhelmed and felt like giving up.

Then I stumbled onto Site Build It.

It seemed like everything I needed was part of this software program plus it was going to show me how to do it. I was excited and interested but it seemed a little expensive and I wasn't sure.

I read through the entire site--twice! I even wrote to some SBI owners and asked questions. Everyone was so wonderful and the more I learned about Site Build It, the more it seemed that it offered everything I needed and then some. Plus, it had a moneyback guarantee. So, I took the plunge.

I continue to be impressed.

The web-site building tools are easy to learn and there's so much more! It takes the fear out of creating a website by providing step-by-step instructions plus a forum of the most helpful people around--other Site Build It owners.

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