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More dog care articles to help you find the right treatment for dog allergies and/or arthritis.

Samoyeds in Port Townsend, WA

What Are the Symptoms of Dog Allergies? Is your dog losing fur, constantly licking his paw or otherwise seem uncomfortable? Find out about the most common dog allergies.

How Do You Test For a Dog Food Allergy? What common foods could be making your pet sick? Read this to find out how you can help your pet feel great.

Arthritis Treatment for Your Dog There are many arthritis treatments for dogs available. Which ones could help your pet?

What Arthritis Treatment is Right for Your Dog? Is your dog suffering from arthritis? What can you do to relieve the pain?

Does Your Dog Need Vitamins? There are lots of doggie supplements on the market. Does your dog need them?

The Benefits of Natural Dog Food Natural dog food can be quite simple and healthy for your pooch. What makes a dog food natural?

DeSkunking Your Dog Ugh! It happened. Your dog yelped and you smelled it and you know, Fido's been skunked. So, what next? How do you get that awful smell out of your dog, your house, your car...

How to Treat Hot Spots Does your dog itch and chew at the same area until all the fur is gone and you're both left with an open sore? If so, your dog may have a hot spot, what do you do about it?

Do You Know What Your Dog Is Saying? You know how when your dog gives you that sideways look and you wonder what he's thinking?

Well, now you can know!

Animal communicator and author Danika Nadzan wants to teach you to communicate with your dog.

Dog Collars and Leashes From tough guy to princess and everything in between, you can choose dog collars and leashes on style, or practicality and function. See the top 5 types of collars and leashes and find the one right for your pooch.

Dog Stories This heartwarming story about schnauzers Sophie & Tony shows the power of love can transform even a formerly mistreated pup.

Philly Dogs From dog parks to great & (not so great) groomers and sitters this is your resource for all things dog in Philadelphia. Woof!

Dogs in Seattle Seattle loves it's dogs. From workplaces to cafes, dogs in Seattle are welcomed and loved. Just the way it should be!

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