My Pack Leader?

by Karen Awong
(Honolulu Hawaii)

Max, as always, keeps his eye on me

Max, as always, keeps his eye on me

While on vacation in San Francisco, the kids, my daughter and son in law acquired a new dog. Max was rescued from the Humane Society. He was so matted and emaciated that my daughter was not sure what he was but the person at the society seemed to think he was in part, Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

It was a week before I got home to see this dog but I had been questioned plenty by the kids as to what to do with him as I was always the care taker of our dogs. They slept with him downstairs to be able to take him out in the middle of the night as they were not sure about his house training or how friendly he would be with the cats. They walked, played and made over him making him feel at home.

Then I returned. I fell in love with the big black SOS pad who would flop over constantly to chew on his fur pulling it out. He'd been neutered so we had to wait so many days before we could take him to the groomers. His wiry coat made it impossible to unknot him.

From the minute I walked in the door the dog followed me. At night when the kids took him to their room he cried to come to mine. In the morning when they let him out he would bound across the room to me almost knocking me down. At night as he hid in my room to sleep I finely told my daughter I can't take him throwing himself at me in the morning, just let him sleep with me.

And so it came to pass that this dog truly dogs me. Wherever I go, he goes, where I lay down he lays down too so to speak. My son in law said the only reason Max sticks to me is because he thinks he's my pack leader. My vet said "No, he adores you." Well I'd like to think I'm soft,cuddly and sweet and I say Max thinks of me as his sheep.

Oh, as his hair grows out I've been reading about the Lowland sheepdog and Max seems to fit the bill. His hair is still growing but he is the height and weight and length of this breed. His face is exactly as that of the photos I've seen. But whatever he is our whole family feels so lucky to have him in our household. He is just a wonderful, gentle, and loving pet. Unless you're a stranger.

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Jul 11, 2009
by: Jen & Baggins

Thanks so much for sharing Max with the rest of us! What cutie!
Jen & Baggins

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