Keep Max Happy and Flea Free With A Natural Flea Preventive

dog in bandanna

If you're like me, you want to find an effective natural flea preventive that works.

I mean who really wants to put pesticides on your dog? Don't get me wrong, those harsh chemicals certainly work to keep them flea free but if you need to "wash hands thoroughly" after use, what about your pet?

What makes it ok for him to have that stuff seeping into his skin?

Fortunately, there's some herbs to keep your pet naturally flea free.


Natural Flea Preventives

Spray-on Remedies

Pennyroyal was used in Ancient Rome to get rid of fleas.

You can make a spray with Pennyroyal Essential Oil by taking a clean spray bottle and dropping 10 drops of essential oil in it and fill with water. Shake well and spray your pet regularly.

Apple cider vinegar can make a good spray too. Just mix it with water in a clean spray bottle, about ½ and ½. Then spray it on your pet daily. Pay special attention to behind the ears and the base of the tail.

dog All Natural "Flea" Collars

You can make an all-natural flea collar by rubbing one of the following essential oils onto a rope collar or bandanna. You will need to do this weekly to keep it fresh and effective.

You can use Eucalyptus Essential Oil,

Lavender or Citronella essential oils.

In the Food

You can add a little flea repellant to your dog’s food too. Sprinkle brewer’s yeast on your pet’s food and/or a little garlic. When your dog eats garlic or brewer’s yeast, she excretes the scent through her skin and naturally repels fleas.

A caveat: Don’t try these tips for cats! They can’t handle essential oils and can get sick from garlic!

So, there you are. Natural flea remedies for your dog. Here's one more for good measure.

A Natural Flea Preventive

An all natural flea remedy is a great way to help keep your pet naturally pest-free! For more tips on all-natural dog care and dog treat recipes, sign up for my monthly ezine, Baggins' Bites!

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