Pet Health Insurance Could Be Your Ticket to Saving Thousands

If you've been faced with ongoing dog allergies or emergency pet health care--you've faced a whopper of a vet bill.

I know, I've been there.

My dog Baggins had cancer last year and the treatments cost $2000+.

I was sure wishing I had pet health insurance for him then.

I'd been meaning to "get around to it but....". Now I'm facing a nasty Visa bill. Then I lost my full time income so it's even nastier...

Stacy Kowalchuck works at Trupanion Pet Health Insurance and she contacted me recently to write a blog post for her site. "Sure" I said, "but would you be willing to answer a few questions about Trupanion's policies?"

She said "Yes" and below is the transcript of our conversation.

Pet Health Insurance is On the Rise

Me: Is there an age limit on pets?

Stacy: All pet insurance companies have an age limit for enrolling pets, but in most cases, once the pet is enrolled it is covered for life. Trupanion's age limit for enrolling is up to 14 years old, but once signed up, we will insure it for as long as it lives.

Me: Will my payments go up as my animal gets older?

Stacy: Some pet insurance companies will increase your rates due to your pet's age along with inflation. Trupanion doesn't penalize your pet for having a birthday, so if you enroll your pet as a 2-year-old, you'll be paying 2-year-old rates for the rest of its life. However, you may see an occasional rate increase due to the inflation of veterinary costs.

Me: Does Trupanion pet health insurance cover routine checkups?

Stacy: Trupanion does not offer coverage for routine care. We believe that routine coverage significantly increases the costs of pet insurance premiums without adding value to the plan. It also rarely saves you money and often cases, you end up spending more on routine care through the insurance company than if you were to pay directly to the veterinarian.

Me: Can I continue using my vet or do I have to switch to one within your network?

Stacy: Fortunately, with all pet insurance you can go to the veterinarian of your choosing. Trupanion also covers 90% of covered costs (diagnostic testing, treatment, and medications) for veterinary specialists and emergency veterinarians.

Me: Is there a typical range of costs?

Stacy: With Trupanion, typical costs for a cat are about $18 to $30 per month, and $25 to $45 per month for a dog. Premiums can be raised or lowered by selecting a custom deductible, anywhere from $0 to $1000 with a high deductible reflecting a lower premium and vice versa.

Lastly, this wasn't one of your questions but I would just like to add that it's important to look at limitations when researching pet health insurance, because some policies limit your per-incident payout to $1,500 which isn't the best of help if you receive a $4,000 bill!

Trupanion pet health insurance recently removed all payout limits which means you never have to worry about payout limits for as long as your pet is insured.

Thanks Stacy!

Pet Health Insurance--Do You Have It?

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