Is Your Premium Dog Food Making Your Pet Sick?

Premium dog food usually has a good balance of fat, protein and the essential nutrients your pet needs to thrive.

But not always.

More and more, in my research and conversations with dog parents, I’m coming to the conclusion that so called premium “specialty foods” are not necessarily the answer to your pet’s needs.

Your Pet Needs a Healthy Balance

In fact, some premium dog food brands may not have the right balance of fat and protein for your pet at all.

Take Judy M.'s case, she was feeding her dog Bonnie a specialty food her vet had recommended.

After the switch to the vet diet, Judy was dismayed at Bonnie's weight gain. Even with a reduced diet, she was gaining and she was listless.

After Judy read my article on speciality foods, she switched Bonnie to:

“Bonnie is so much better in only three days. She has stopped itching her ears! Playing, running around, and going in the prayer garden again to take a sunbath. Just amazing!”

That is an amazing change!

“Plus, the new food is good for puppies, adult and senior dogs. It has the ratio of ingredients your article suggested and for Bonnie I am getting the grain/gluten free! I am so excited to be able to help her. Thank you!”

Judy in Texas

You're welcome Judy! I’m so glad Bonnie responded so favorably to her diet change!

Some dogs take longer to respond to a new food—like 4-5 weeks.

But, if your dog has chronic skin problems, seems lethargic or chews his paws a lot – switching foods may end his discomfort.

I’ve heard so many success stories about dogs who blossomed into great health after their companions switched their diet that it’s certainly worth a try.

Here’s what you need to look for on the label of a premium dog food so you’ll know your pet is getting the right balance of fats and protein.

The right foods for your dog can help your pet feel on top of the world and end itchy skin, fur loss and even chronic ear infections.

Here are some proven dry dog foods that I recommend.