Make it Raw! Raw Diet Dog Books and Raw Food Sources

Raw Diet Dog Books and Easy Ways to Implement it in Your Home.

Pioneered by Australian Vet Ian Billinghurst in the early 1990's, the Raw Diet Movement is hugely controversial.

Also known as the B.A.R.F. Diet (Bones and Raw Food), it's based on the premise that dogs (and cats) were mostly scavengers in their pre-domestic days and survived on what they found in the wild. Therefore, we should feed them a more "natural" diet.

You can imagine the uproar.

Advocates delight in it and say their dogs have never been healthier. Skeptics say there can be diseases lurking in the bones. It's too risky.

Personally, I don't feed the raw diet completely but I have begun to incorporate some of the raw beef medallions into meals for Baggins. I mix them with his kibble and he loves them. To the point where he inhales them and then comes looking for more, (he doesn't get any more).

It's quick and easy and his coat has never been healthier.

See What Baggins Loves Nature's Variety Raw Medallions Want to learn more? Here are some good books on the subject.

The first two are the Billinghurst Classics, Give Your Dog A Bone and the tiny picture is actually another book by him, Grow Your Pups with Bones (on raising puppies on the raw diet) These "How to" books are classics in the field.

raw diet raw diet classic

Other proponents of the Raw Diet. The Make It Easy book sets out to do just that. Simplify the whole thing and make it less complicated, a "how to" with instructions on how to implement it in your home.

These other three are good resources, especially the last book by Wendy Volhard a dog trainer and holistic practitioner--it's great overall resource for holistic health.

Raw Diet Make It Easy wendy volhard

These Raw Diet Dog Books and frozen raw food sources make it easy to either go "all raw" or just partial. Either way, your dog will love mealtimes as never before.

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