Rye Dog Bones Recipes for an Alternative to Wheat or White Flour

Rye dog bones recipes are a nice change from regular flour.

Rye flour actually can come in three different shades depending on how much of the bran (outer covering) has been removed.

rye flour is lower in gluten than regular flour

The different colors can make it taste a little different but your pet is not likely to notice the difference!

You could even mix different colors of rye to make rye dog bones recipes ;)

2 Cups Rye Flour
½ Cup Veg. Oil
2/3 Cup Warm Water
¾ Cup Rice Flour
¼ tsp. Vanilla

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl until smooth. Roll out onto a floured surface and cut into bone shapes. Baked in a greased baking sheet for 30 minutes at 350.

Approx. 2 doz. (unless you make them really big!)

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