Save Money at the Vet: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Being Overcharged

It's no fun to be hit with a staggering vet bill.

But it can seem there's no way to save money at the vet--after all, when your pet needs something--he needs it.

And you know even routine vet visits can run $200 or more.

Add in vaccines, dental cleaning, tests and you could be looking at a bill that runs half your house payment.

And that's without a chronic illness in your pet!

But you know it’s important to get your pet checked out by a professional.

And, if there is a problem with your dog or cat’s health, you want to know, now.

Most of you have paid for

  • expensive tests

  • chemotherapy

  • medicines

  • etc. even when you couldn’t afford it.

    I sure went on the financial limb for my Eskie Baggins and I get the letters from hundreds of you telling me what you’ve been through with your furry family member.

    It’s heartbreaking to see your animals suffering and there’s no way you wouldn’t do whatever you could to ease their pain.

    But in some cases, you could do simple things at home that will help them feel better and those home remedies will be low cost or free.

    Plus, there’s preventive care you can start today to ensure your pet has a lifetime of health and fewer illnesses.

    Get Your Free Special Report

    Veterinarian Dr. Jones shares 10 strategies you can use to save money at the vet.

    All while making sure your companion animals are treated well and kept in the best health.

    Dr. Jones has a 20 year practice in Nelson, British Columbia.

    He’ll reveal:

    --What questions you should ask to make sure your pet is getting the best treatment available at the lowest price?

    --What questions will help you decide if the treatment is necessary or not.

    If so, what type of supervision will your animal get?

    For example, is it really necessary for your dog to get a dental cleaning that puts your dog under anaesthesia?

    Even routine anaesthesia can be dangerous, how will your dog be monitored as he or she “wakes up”?

    --What brands commercial food does a top veterinarian recommend? What other foods does he recommend?

    You’ll learn all these and more, just download your free special report here and be on your way to saving money at the vet and keeping your pets healthier!

    10 Ways to Avoid Being Overcharged At The Vet

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