Seven the Pomeranian -Seven's Obsessions

by Nicholle Zenia Zen
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

I guess that's Seven's pose...

I guess that's Seven's pose...

Seven's a white pomeranian. He was my seventh birthday present, so I named him that. I don't know why, but he's REALLY obsessed with ears. Whenever he gets the chance, he'll clamber all over me (or my brother) and lick my ear (usually the left). He's funny, that dog. He tickles my ear and neck and sometimes, his natural puppyish instincts comes alive. Although he's twenty-eight years old (four years old in human years), he'll start nibbling my fingers, growling playfully. He's also obsessed with my cousin's dog, Snowbell, a pomeranian-maltese mix. She's only seven (one year old in human years) and I think they love each other. They lick each other and Seven tries to climb on top of Snowbell. It makes my laugh.

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