5 Steps to a Shiny and Healthy Coat For Your Dog

Maybe it sounds obvious but nutrition is the most important thing for a shiny and healthy coat for your dog.

If your pet is thriving on the food you're feeding, you'll know.

It will show in your pet's coat and overall health.

If your dog's coat doesn't look so good, well, you'll need to put on your detective hat and do some sleuthing...

You Can Have a Beautiful,
Shiny and Healthy Coat for Your Dog

Beef for Dogs

First, what is your dog eating?

Kibble? Then is it a good quality meat based kibble?

Lots of dogs with a poor coat turn out to thrive on a better quality of food.

Second, make sure your dog is eating a good diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids (fish, olive oil, flax seeds and other foods are full of these healthy essential fatty acids)

Getting these essential nutrients in your dog is really simple

Choose any of the following or mix them up for a shiny, healthy coat.

  • Olive Oil --Pour a teaspoon or tablespoon (a little dog gets a teaspoon, a big dog (over 50 pounds gets a tablespoon) of olive oil over your pet's food daily.

  • olive oil in your dog's food

  • Flaxseeds--Add a teaspoon of flaxseeds over your pet's food or feed treats rich with flaxseeds

  • Only Natural Pet Salmon Oil 8.75 oz. is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids out there. And, it's super easy. You just squirt it over your pet's food. Mmmm....tasty ;)

  • It's easy to add olive oil, fish oil and/or flaxseeds to your pet's food.

    And don't worry about overdoing it.

    These are essential nutrients they aren't getting in many kibbles.

    These omega 3's can heal skin conditions, protect your pet's eyesight and even help keep him younger! Research at the University of California shows omega 3 fatty acids slows down the aging of the DNA.

    If you want to make a complete change in your feeding, you may want to research the raw diet.

  • Raw foods can heal your pet and give him a beautiful, showdog quality coat.

    There are frozen varieties available which make it simple for you.

    I add sometimes buy frozen raw beef or lamb medallions to mix in with Baggins' kibble and then add some olive oil. He loves it and his coat has gotten softer and has fewer tangles after just a week of adding the olive oil!

  • Baggins as our ringbearer

    I've used a fabulous natural dog shampoo on Baggins. It moisturizes his fur leaving it soft and lush. Very "pettable"!

    For a Shiny and Healthy Coat for your Dog